United Airlines: A Hero Takes Flight

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A proud promotional partner of the upcoming Columbia Pictures release Spider-Man: Far From Home, in association with Marvel Studios, United Airlines decided to infuse our new safety video with a little movie magic airing on select aircraft now.

“Spider-Man keeps the city safe, and flight attendants are all about keeping the aircraft safe, so it wasn’t a total stretch,” jokes Los Angeles-based Flight Attendant Natalie Atkins, who performs the seatbelt demo.

Aside from the web slinger himself, Atkins shares the screen with several of her colleagues, as well as a few guest stars whom fans of the SpiderMan movies will recognize. Hemky Madera reprises his role as Mr. Delmar. You’ll also spot Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds and Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, who appear in a scene with United CEO Oscar Munoz.

Source: hub.united.com