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Rail Europe: Grand Train Tour of Switzerland App. The app for Switzerland’s most beautiful train tour.

Rail Europe: Grand Train Tour of Switzerland App. The app for Switzerland’s most beautiful train tour.

The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland merges the most beautiful Swiss train routes and touristic highlights into one unique round trip. Panoramic trains lead to charming cities and Alpine hotspots, through UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and past world-famous sights and landmarks. There is no prescribed direction or duration: travellers can hop on and off wherever they feel like. To complement this unforgettable touring experience, the Association Grand Train Tour of Switzerland has developed an app in cooperation with dreipol GmbH (Zurich agency for design and development). The app is now available for download at stores. Playful elements take turns with “must-sees” and excursion tips along this second-to-none train journey, everything at a glance: The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland App offers all of this and much more besides.

Push notifications for upcoming highlights

Travellers on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland ride from north to south and from east to west, from glaciers to lakes and from mountains to cities. With the activation of location services on the mobile device, the app – via push notifications, which are also visible when the app is not open – ensures that train passengers never miss an attraction on their respective tour section.

Integration of playful elements

Many playful elements are at the heart of the app. Travellers can collect stamps and awards and share them with their friends via social media. Those who have collected a certain number of awards can even become “Master of Grand Train Tour of Switzerland”. In the LINDT boutique at Zurich Airport, a sweet surprise is awaiting the “Masters”: a LINDT Suitcase Swiss Edition, filled with delicious chocolates, at a total value CHF 28.

Personal travel diary, excursion tips and “fun facts” along the route

By clicking the “been there” button when passing a sight or visiting a highlight, the traveller receives a chronological listing of all visited locations. Thus, every user can trace back his or her individual journey at any time. To maximise the travel experience, the app offers many great excursion tips at the respective destinations as well as thrilling “fun facts” along the route.

Gifts and discounts with digital coupons

Thanks to integrated digital coupons travellers additionally benefit from attractive discounts, exclusive gifts and top offers. Unforgettable experiences at a great price are guaranteed.

The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland App is available for free download at the App Store and the Google Play Store in seven languages: German, English, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Japanese, Korean and Thai. More information about the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland App are available at and

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Aeroflot Open 2020 chess festival to start 18 February in Moscow

Aeroflot Open 2020 chess festival to start 18 February in Moscow

Aeroflot Open 2020, an international chess festival sponsored by Russia’s flagship airline, will take place on 18-28 February at the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow. Now in its 18th year, the competition is one of the longest established and most popular in the world, bringing together every year an impressive line-up of participants. 

The festival is divided into three tournaments (A, B and C), based on how participants score in an initial nine rounds, in accordance with the Swiss system. Players who achieve 2,549 points or higher will qualify for the main tournament (A).

Heading the list for this year’s main tournament is Vladislav Artemiev, current European Champion and a member of Russia’s victorious team at the 2019 World Team Chess Championship. Also on the list are Gabriel Sargissian (three-time winner of the World Chess Olympiad for Armenia), Sanan Sjugirov (current holder of the Russian Cup), Alexey Sarana (2018 winner of the Russian Championship Higher League), Baskaran Adiban (winner and medallist of various international tournaments for India), Vladislav Kovalev (2018 winner of the Aeroflot Open 2018 for Belarus) and many other chess stars.

Alongside the festival's three tournaments (A, B and C), a children's tournament named in honour of Anatoly Karpov will be held.

In total, more than 80 chess players from 21 countries will play in the main tournament, which takes place on 19-27 February.

Special prizes will be awarded to military veterans, women and children who score highest in their category (with prizes totalling EUR 2,500). Each participant can receive only one prize (the highest for which they quality). The festival's total prize pot is EUR 120,000.

"Aeroflot has been committed to cultivating successful sporting events for many years, including promoting chess within Russia and around the world. The Aeroflot Open festival has long been seen as a leading forum where nations can come together in the name of education and cultural exchange. For younger participants, this event is chance to break into the global chess scene, and for us it is a brilliant opportunity support the next generation of chess players," said Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev.

Aeroflot organises the festival in partnership with the Russian Chess Federation and the Association of Chess Federations. Aeroflot Open is considered the most representative open chess tournament in the world. In 2004, The Guinness Book of World Records logged the competition thanks to the high number of Grand Masters taking part that year.


Breathtaking Emerald Azzurra in July 2021

Breathtaking Emerald Azzurra in July 2021

Inaugural season now on sale

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new innovative super yacht, Emerald Azzurra, which promises to exceed your yacht cruising expectations. Explore fascinating ports and harbors around the world that only smaller yachts can reach.

Choose from one of more than 25 itineraries taking in the stunning Adriatic Coast, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, traveling on board our beautifully appointed new yacht.

The Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean encompasses a variety of stunning locations, many of which have been the setting for legendary battles and lasting myths. Where breathtaking views insight awe and rich traditions thrive across tiny island communities. As you cruise, you’ll explore vibrant cities embracing modernity, while playing their respects to a fascinating past.

The Western Mediterranean

The Western Mediterranean is abundant with glamour, from northeastern Spain’s Costa Brava, to the Italian southern and western coastlines, taking in the French Riviera. Discover the small fishing towns and idyllic beaches of Spain, experience the allure of the Cote d’Azur, and witness Italy;s coastal beauty as it stretches from the Apulia region, to Sicily.

Adriatic Coast

Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and fishing ports that have been trading for centuries, the Adriatic Coast is surrounded by Italy on the west and Croatia to the east. Cruise from the Gulf of Venice, along the Dalmatian coast, and island hop in Croatia and Greece, as verdant shorelines border crystalline waters and communities thrive just as they have since antiquity.

Owner's Suite

Deluxe Balcony Stateroom

Oceanview Stateroom



This is one of the most favorite snacks of the Maldivians. It is a combo of fresh-cut coconut flesh, dried tuna, sour mango, salt, chili, onion, garlic and black pepper.

Mas Kaashi is often enjoyed by people at picnics or when the mood is set on eating something fun.

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The nut is soft inside when the husk of the fruit is green in color. Commercially available in almost all forms like dried, fresh and cured, betel nut also known as areca nut is a fruit categorized as a drupe.

The tradition of chewing the mixture of areca nut and betel leaf dates back to thousands of years. When Areca nuts are chewed with beetle leaves and spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms) it becomes what we call a Dhufun.

Chewing them together is relatively mild and it is often compared to that of drinking coffee and tea. Be it an official meeting, a party or just a meeting of friends, Dhufun is a must. It is something enjoyed by men and women of all ages at all times on all occasions.on

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