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With over 100 offices covering over 170 countries, APG is the world's largest and most successful passenger and cargo GSA airline representation network, partnering with over 200 valued airline clients.

We are more than a GSA, APG offers a holistic approach to airline distribution, offering not only airline representation but also interline e-ticketing solutions, fare filing, BSP support services as well as other airline distribution solutions, all aimed at maximizing an airline's revenue potential. The APG Network is indeed, “The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services.”

Passengers Services

More than a passenger GSSA, APG offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to airline distribution for over 200 airline clients worldwide. APG offers not only global online and offline representation but also interline e-ticketing solutions, BSP, ARC, and TCH support services as well as state-of-the-art NDC distribution solutions, all aimed at reducing costs and maximizing an airline's yield and revenue potential.

  1. APG IET
    APG Interline E-Ticketing
    APG has created an Interline E-Ticketing “hub” with its own airline APG Airlines (GP-275). Through a single interline agreement, you can activate a significant additional revenue stream and expand your sales distribution to many more global markets.For Travel Agent,
    This platform allows you to ticket on numerous airlines on a single document GP-275. For partner airlines list, kindly visit www.apgiet.com

  3. IET +
    Interline E-ticketing Plus
    The latest product in our growing portfolio and a hybrid distribution product, IET+ combines a number of our existing facilities. It has been developed following consultation with our airline partners and offers access to far-away markets in order to create incremental revenue.
    Specially designed to extend the commercial presence into tertiary territories, APG IET+ is a single solution for all remaining markets where airlines do not have their own offices or a GSA presence. Should they be present into the BSP or ARC, then the tickets will be issued on the Airline's plate, if not tickets will be issued on the GP (code 275) plate which is the tool used for the IET (Interline Electronic Ticketing) program.

  5. APG Access
    APG Interline E-Ticketing for non-GDS airline clients
    APG Access allows airline clients without a GDS presence to "code-share" with APG Airlines and takes advantage of global distribution across over 100 BSPs, ARC and TCH. APG Access allows around 100,000 travel agents to sell your product.

  7. ABCS
    APG BSP Coordination Services
    ABCS allows airlines a variable cost, “Pay as you Earn” way to access up to 64,000 IATA accredited travel agents in 110 BSPs worldwide, in markets where the airline does not have a local presence and is in need of local administrative support to the trade. The APG Network, through our worldwide offices, has introduced more than 250 airlines to BSP membership in both “Online” and “Offline” markets.

    APG NDC Compliant Ticketing Platform
    APG Platform is a Ticketing Platform which can assist travel agent to generate additional revenue by enlarging their catalog and by selling air and non air ancillaries combined. Uniquely, the APG Platform is promoted and supported in over 150 countries by the APG Network. ​The APG Distribution Platform is NDC compliant under the newest XML technology and follows all IATA standards.

  11. GSSA
    General Sales & Services Agent
    The cornerstone of our World Program since 1991, our GSSA product offers world standard commercial representation and management services – globally, by region, or for an individual country. Our GSSA services also go “hand in glove” with our other APG products which provide access to the relevant area settlement system (ARC or BSP) or distribution via our APG IET product to facilitate ticketing in smaller markets, all to achieve maximum revenue results.

  13. AACS
    APG ARC Coordination Services
    AACS provides an introduction to and management of ARC membership in the USA. The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) offers a variable cost access program to their Area Settlement Plan (ASP), the US version of the BSP – giving airlines access to more than 14,000 ARC accredited travel agents. APG is able to offer full support with ARC joining procedures together with day to day reporting and administration as well as travel agent default coverage.
    The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) manages and operates the Area Settlement Plan (ASP) for the USA - analogous to IATA’s BSP system. With over 200 airline members, ARC processes 190 million air tickets annually, valued at just over $86 billion – 49% of which are international tickets.

  15. ATCS
    APG TCH Coordination Services
    ATCS, is the newest APG product, developed and launched in February 2015 in partnership with the TRANSPORT CLEARING HOUSE (TCH), the Russian settlement system, with a purpose to increase the revenue of APG airline partners in the Russian market on a variable cost, “Pay as you Earn” basis, with nominal TCH joining fees, granting access to all agents in Russia for sales of air tickets in all agents’ offices from Moscow to Vladivostok. ATCS enables airlines to cost-effectively generate revenues from the entire Russian market (not only BSP RU agents sales), by simultaneously stimulating TCH membership in addition to BSP RU membership, increasing transactional throughput and therefore creating incremental revenue. The ATCS program is now available for all airlines, in all territories of Russia, and for all Russian agents (more than 7000 points of sales) – one of the biggest agent networks.

  17. ACTP
    APG Corporate Travel Plan
    UATP is a low-cost payment network created by and for airlines. It helps the airline industry to save approximately 200 million USD per year in credit card fees. In 2016, the annual volume of transactions on UATP reached 15 billion USD worldwide. Although UATP is accepted in all GDS and BSPs by nearly 300 airlines, transactions in emerging markets remain limited.​
    In partnership with UATP, APG created a white-label payment solution for airlines wanting to become “virtual” UATP issuers at a variable cost. This tailored product commercialized by the APG Network is a new solution for underserved corporate card markets. With ACTP, airlines can now easily enhance their corporate product and better target corporate customers, a source of higher yield.

  19. FFS
    Fare Filing Services
    APG Fare Filing Services, accomplished in our Paris and New Delhi offices, files published and negotiated fares on behalf of more than 20 airline clients in the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and ATPCO. FFS is primarily designed for small to medium size airlines not having the manpower and/or expertise to execute the complex fare filings.
    ATPCO is the Airline Tariff Publishing Company owned by 15 airlines. Their core business is the collection and distribution of fare data for airlines. ATPCO maintains a database of over 80 million airfares for 450 airlines, Airlines distribute published and “private fares” to travel agents in every country worldwide by filing their fares through ATPCO to the GDSs. APG Fare Filing Services files negotiated and published fares on behalf of airline clients in the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

    APG Academy has adopted the most recent Learning Management Systems (LMS) technologies. Technologies are constantly evolving and e-learning has welcomed a great number of improvements with new technologies. This allows you to take advantage of its benefits compared to older systems used today by competitors.
    By relying on technology experts to bring you the most efficient online learning service, we have been able to focus on the content - the key to excellent training courses.


Cargo Services

Our Cargo GSSA services offer a new and dynamic approach to global cargo sales. With our highly professional cargo sales teams worldwide we are able to deliver strong cargo revenue growth as well as total cargo management solutions across our network. Combined with brand development, full CASS, and administrative services, and market intelligence reporting, APG provides a comprehensive cargo solution for all airlines.

    General Sales & Services Agent - Cargo
    One of the newest products offered by APG, Cargo is gaining worldwide interest by airlines interested in incremental revenue on regular a non-regular flights, at a lower per unit (per kilo) cost.
    Our Cargo GSSA product offers worldwide coverage with local cargo knowledge, offering individual or “a-la-carte” services that include commercial representation, cargo handling and CASS management services.
    With the largest worldwide coverage in the Cargo GSSA industry, the financial support of APG and the local expertise of our APG Network, APG Cargo is the perfect partner for your airline.

    Cargo Interline Solution / APG Airlines AWB-275
    APG Airlines Cargo Interline Solution platform is a new innovative product to open up new markets for your cargo sales and enables an airline to significantly increase its cargo interline revenue with multiple airline interline partners under one single agreement.
    Our cargo interline solution mirrors the worldwide success of our passenger interline solution, supported by our global network of offices and our highly professional and experienced cargo teams around the world.
    Through our extensive relationships in each market with all of the key freight forwarders, we are able to deliver cargo sales on airline combinations which would otherwise be impossible without the requisite interline agreements.
    Our cargo offices worldwide ensure the smooth transit of cargo throughout the journey overseen by one organization including trucking to or from local airports in partnership with our growing number of trucking partners worldwide.

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