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The More You See, The More You’ll Love About Hawaii

The More You See, The More You’ll Love About Hawaii

Which islands should you visit?

No doubt about it, there is something enticing about each one of the Hawaiian Islands. The big question is… which islands should you visit? There's several Hawaiian Islands and each one has its own distinct personality and charm. For a true Hawaiian experience, you really ought to visit more than one island to get a sense of Hawaii's unique variety.

Oahu Brings the Best of City Life and Country Living

Oahu is the most popular first stop for most visitors, due in part to the higher number of nonstop flights into Honolulu from international and Mainland U.S. cities. It’s home to the majority of Hawaii’s population; thus, expect crowds and rush-hour traffic in urban areas. That said, it truly offers something for everyone.

Maui is Considered Heaven on Earth

From there, you can venture out for strolls through the former whaling port of Lahaina, glorious sunrises or sunsets at the summit of 10,000-foot Haleakala Volcano, concerts and exhibits at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center and sightseeing on the spectacular coastal road to Hana, which, with some 600 hairpin turns and 50-plus one-lane bridges, will surely test your driving skills.

Hawaii Island is for Volcano Lovers

Volcanic activity is confined to a relatively small southeastern sector, far from the west-side Kohala Coast where most visitors stay. Even if Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is closed, there are plenty of other outdoor diversions to keep you occupied, including camping, birding, ziplining, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, and exploring cultural sites such as Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park

Kauai is Nature at Its Finest

Kauai is known as the “Garden Island,” and rightly so. Green is everywhere framing rivers and waterfalls; casting broad strokes across valleys, cliffs, mountains, meadows, farmland and taro patches; and coloring its many gardens, Na Aina Kai, Smith’s Tropical Paradise, Princeville Botanical Gardens and the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s.

Molokai and Lanai Offer a Laidback Getaway

Instead, great outdoor adventures beckon. Among Molokai’s highlights are Halawa Valley, Kamakou Preserve, Moomomi Preserve, Molokai Forest Reserve and Kalaupapa (now a National Historical Park), where people stricken with Hansen’s disease (leprosy) were once banished beginning in 1866. The only hotel on the island is modest Hotel Molokai.

Roger Federer Choice: The Best Of Switzerland

Roger Federer Choice: The Best Of Switzerland

The Swiss tennis star loves trips to all parts of the country in all seasons. Here he exclusively shows his favourites and places he still wants to discover himself.

Roger's Choices: Best of Swiss Nature
To stand high above Europe's largest waterfall, feeling the roar and vibration of the water over one's entire body - this can be experienced at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. By ship one can reach castles, the Rhine Falls Basin and even the mighty rock in the midst of the waterfall.

Roger's Choice: Mountain Trips
Lugano’s home mountain and pinnacle of enjoyment - that’s San Salvatore! The striking mountain south of the town boasts 360° views over the lake and environs, far south and to the high Alps in the west.The funicular railway up this landmark mountain starts in Lugano-Paradiso.

Roger's Choice: City Experiences
You will be welcomed with a “Bonjour” as you enter the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. In Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, you are just as likely to hear “Allegra”, a greeting in Romansch-speaking Switzerland, while the ferryman’s “Griezi” is a familiar sound on the Rhine in Basel.

Roger's Choice: Hiking Trails
This ridge hike through a varied landscape takes you along beautiful hiking trails from Kühboden to the Aletsch Forest. The views of the glacier and surrounding mountains are simply magnificent.

Roger's Choice: Refreshing Breaks​
Cool mountain lakes are perhaps the most refreshing thing Switzerland has to offer. Even the country’s larger rivers and lakes are suitable for bathing, however, and the Swiss can’t get enough of them. Swimming in the Rhine is a living tradition in Roger Federer’s hometown of Basel. As well as people taking a spontaneous dip, every year there is an organised event that sees up to 5,000 participants float gently down the Rhine.

Rail Europe – Germany Simply Inspiring

Rail Europe – Germany Simply Inspiring

If you want to marvel at Icelandic-style geysers, gondolas straight from Venice and many other wonders, all you need to do is come to Germany. Many of the attractions around the world have a twin – let's embark on a German voyage of discovery brimming with exotic surprises.

A romantic gondola ride
Bamberg, affectionately known as "Little Venice", attracts visitors with similar pleasures. Gondoliers wearing traditional striped shirts and straw hats row in genuine Venetian gondolas here, along the Regnitz river and past picturesque half-timbered fishermen's houses. They also sail past the Old Town Hall.

Lilac temptation
Lüneburg Heath around the Wilseder Berg hill and the village of Undeloh always transforms into a sea of purple blossoms when the buds of the bushes on the heath open up in late summer. You can also enjoy this lilac temptation on a horse-drawn carriage ride – an extra not on offer in France.

Blue wonder
Lake Eibsee, over in the Bavarian Alps, is a similarly luminous colour and is set against the backdrop of the mighty Wetterstein mountains. If you like whipping out your camera for amazing shots, you will find no shortage of enchanting images to capture here.

Baroque splendour
Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover. Electress Sophia commissioned the gardens to be designed in the finest Baroque style in around 1700. She ensured the garden was adorned with bubbling and impressive fountains and shimmering marble statues. New life was breathed into the historical grotto not so long ago, when artist Niki de Saint Phalle transformed it into a colourful haven.

Jungle adventure
Brandenburg's Spreewald Forest, a good hour's drive from Berlin, paddling through an enchanted forest. Whether you want a multi-day tour or a quick lap for beginners, the network of waterways that date back to the Ice Age forms an idyllic backdrop in the romantic Spreewald Forest, with small garden restaurants, picturesque wooden bridges and locks that are still operated manually today

Alitalia: Discover the best of Genoa

Alitalia: Discover the best of Genoa

Genoa is certainly the urban destination of wonders. An authentic city full of surprises, all to be experienced. Discovering the Superba is much more than a journey, it is an experience that leaves its mark and makes you dream! Genoa is the ideal destination for adventurous spirits, open air lovers, art and culture lovers. From the UNESCO heritage palaces to the largest medieval historic center in Europe, from the charm of breathtaking sea views to the greenery of enchanted parks and gardens, exploring the city could not be easier and more evocative.

Typical Cuisine

To celebrate the whole of Liguria, we must of course start with basil, pesto and focaccia, symbols of our region and justly known as the standard bearer of the local cuisine. Delicious in all its forms (plain, with onion, rosemary, cheese, etc.), focaccia is an ambassador of Genoese cuisine, so much so that for the “festa di San giorgio” (St George's Day), the cultural association 'Genova World' has created a special version, known as 'Focaccia di San Giorgio'.

Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

Home to the Museum of Ligurian Archaeology and to the Botanical Garden established in 1794, the romantic park of the villa, located in western Genoa, is one of Europe's most important historical gardens. It was built by the marquis Ignazio Alessandro Pallavicini who entrusted its design and complete construction to Michele Canzio, the set designer of the Teatro Carlo Felice opera house.

The park and the wall and forts

Genoa is a city of sea and mountains, it takes very little to find yourself far from the noise and hectic life of the city, where you can enjoy the pleasure of immersing yourself completely in nature: a landscape of trees, alpine scents and a breathtaking panorama. This is the Parco delle Mura, an area that owes its name to the “New” Walls, built in the seventeenth century to defend the city and its port basin. With its 12 km, it is the longest city wall in Europe.

The panorama form Castelletto

From here visitors can admire the rooftops made of slate, a traditional local material, as well as mediaeval towers and Baroque domes; in the distance, the sea comes alive with both modern ships and ancient memories
The high grounds form a backdrop dotted with parks, villas and sanctuaries and crowned with the city’s forts. Until 1849, the fortress of Castelletto stood in the place of this magnificent overlook, before being razed to the ground by public demand, as it was deemed a menace to the city below in the event of enemy occupation.

Vertical Genoa

Genoa has a harsh territory and it always had to face a public transport issue. Many passengers have to be trasported to the top of steep hills around the city. There are many cableways, such as lifts and funiculars, that move through buildings and streets. These structures are fundamental but they also are admired for their architectural richness. The Zecca – Righi funicolar, together with the Granarolo rack railway, are the most interesting structures that move passengers away from the city centre to reach the hills in a couple.

Ducal Palace

Palazzo Ducale is one f the historic symbols of the city of Genoa: since 1339 it became the residence of the Doge and today it is the main cultural centre of the city. All year long Palazzo Ducale offers exhibitions, conferences, meetings, festivals, shows and educational activities. The palace was built in 1298, during a fortunate period for the Republic of Genoa, after the victory in the Battle of Meloria against the Pisa and the victory in the Battle of Curzola fought against Venezia.

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Aeroflot: Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria

Aeroflot: Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria

Nalchik is the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, a republic in the North Caucasus, Russia. It is renowned for its mineral springs and healthy mountain air. Along with spa resorts, Nalchik offers great opportunities for rafting, rock climbing, snowboarding and paragliding.

With its elegant arches and huge gilded domes, St. Mary Magdalene’s Orthodox Church is an epitome of Byzantine architectural traditions. St. Mary Magdalene was a patron saint of Kabardian Princess Maria Temryukovna who was wedded to Ivan the Terrible. Locals honour the princess as their patron. Her 15-metre-tall statue dominates the monument Forever With Russia. The pedestal’s bas-relief tells the history of the nation.

Atazhukinsky Garden connects the spa hub and the historical core. Don’t be misled by the word ‘Garden’, though. In all but the name, it is a forest area occupying 250 hectares.

Enjoy its beautiful lakes, romantic gazebos and quiet alleys with a wide range of plants, from Japanese quince to ancient oaks to the Gingko tree. Here you can visit the amusement park and Nalchik Zoo. Green Theatre is the only open-air theatre in the North Caucasus. It can simultaneously seat 2,500 visitors.