South African Airways – East London, is a gateway to the Sunshine Coast

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East London, South Africa's only river port, is a gateway to the Sunshine Coast to its south and the Wild Coast to the north. Its tourism offerings are varied, with beaches, culture, history and wildlife heading the list. Outdoor highlights include whale and dolphin watching, birding, hiking, surfing and fishing.

Active adventure
Surfing is synonymous with South Africa, which is not surprising when one considers that They have 2 000km of coastline on which to search for a wave. Add to this mix ideal weather for the greater part of the year, and it’s not surprising that so many talented surfers have emerged from South Africa to take on the world's best.

Pondoland Marine 
There aren’t too many coastal zones or estuaries in the world that can be called near-pristine, but the Pondoland Marine Protected Area (MPA) is surely one of them. It conserves a remarkable seascape along the Wild Coast in Eastern Cape province. This is an environment of subtropical reefs housing a teeming array of species, unpolluted estuaries serving as nurseries to young fish, and waterfalls dropping directly into the sea.

Vibrant culture
Just south of Dutywa off the N2 highway in the rural wilds of Eastern Cape, you’ll find a sign that reads, ‘Icamagu Institute’. The property it directs you to embraces a modest cultural village of a few rondavels, a nursery, a vegetable garden and a herb garden – but the woman behind the project is a veritable force of nature.

Sun-soaked coasts
South Africa's coastline varies from subtropical to desert and offers some of the most spectacular natural beauty and biodiverse environments in the world. The country's coast stretches for nearly 2 800km and visitors can find everything from adventure sports and excitement to natural reserves and tranquillity, with facilities and accommodation to rival the best in the world.