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Safe, clean and loveable are the words often used by residents and repeat visitors to describe Davao City. The international gateway to Mindanao, Davao has been enjoying an economic boom the past few years, with a handful of young entrepreneurs opening up trendy restaurants and bars. But the fun doesn’t stop in the city – natural attractions are close by and you have a choice between water and mountains.

Things To See & Do

Surfing and skimming in Davao’s Mati City
Mati City’s skimboarding team is more than just a collection of athletes. By spearheading conservation efforts and organizing annual tournaments, the group is responsible for much of the tourists now flocking to the Mindanao destination – and its first female skimboarder just might be the best in all the land

Davao Crocodile Park & Zoo
Catch the delightful 35-minute “Save Our Species” show that includes performances by a Palawan bearcat, a Burmese python, a Philippine fruit bat and a orangutan that eats durian on stage. Check for show timings.

T’nalak Home
With a factory located in the middle of a banana plantation, this homeware shop’s works with banana fiber to make pillowcases, paper, and many other beautiful things that are good enough to  export.

Aldevinco Shopping Center
Score antiques, brassware and Sarimanok figurines at this decades-old market. Bargaining is a must here.

Philippine Eagle Center Davao
Is home to the majestic Philippine eagle and at this center they are trying their best to preserve the endangered species. Visit on a Saturday afternoon for the “Raptors in Flight” show and look for PAL’s very own adopted eagle, Sina

Where To Dine & Drink

The Fat Cow
Run by one of the city’s young chefs, The Fat Cow serves up choice cuts of steak alongside bistro staples like salads and pasta dishes. Check out the cozy private dining room with an elaborate arch feature that gives guests the impression of being in a cow’s rib cage.

Tola, Kan-anan sa Balay Oboza
Located on the second floor of the well-preserved ancestral home of the Oboza family, Tola serves up traditional Filipino dishes in a beautiful setting that takes you back to the 1930s. Don’t miss the sinuglaw (grilled pork belly and raw tuna in vinegar and spices), locally harvested pomelo salad and tola (clear fish soup).


PAL flights schedule from KUL-MNL-DVO and DVO-MNL-KU

Sector Flight No Departure Arrival Frequency
KUL-MNL PR 526 12:10 15:55 6
MNL-DVO PR1809 04:40 06:30 2,3,5,6,7
PR 1811 06:00 07:50 1,4
PR 1813 10:15 12:05 Daily
PR 1817 15:40 17:30 1,2,3,4,5
PR 1817 16:40 18:30 6,7
Sector Flight No Departure Arrival Frequency
PR 1810 07:10 08:55 2,3,5,6,7
PR 1812 08:55 10:40 1,4
PR 1814 13:10 14:55 Daily
PR 1818 18:30 20:15 1,2,3,4,5
PR 1818 19:30 21:15 6,7
MNL-KUL PR 525 07:35 11:15 6