Roger Federer Choice: The Best Of Switzerland

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The Swiss tennis star loves trips to all parts of the country in all seasons. Here he exclusively shows his favourites and places he still wants to discover himself.

Roger's Choices: Best of Swiss Nature
To stand high above Europe's largest waterfall, feeling the roar and vibration of the water over one's entire body - this can be experienced at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. By ship one can reach castles, the Rhine Falls Basin and even the mighty rock in the midst of the waterfall.

Roger's Choice: Mountain Trips
Lugano’s home mountain and pinnacle of enjoyment - that’s San Salvatore! The striking mountain south of the town boasts 360° views over the lake and environs, far south and to the high Alps in the west.The funicular railway up this landmark mountain starts in Lugano-Paradiso.

Roger's Choice: City Experiences
You will be welcomed with a “Bonjour” as you enter the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. In Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, you are just as likely to hear “Allegra”, a greeting in Romansch-speaking Switzerland, while the ferryman’s “Griezi” is a familiar sound on the Rhine in Basel.

Roger's Choice: Hiking Trails
This ridge hike through a varied landscape takes you along beautiful hiking trails from Kühboden to the Aletsch Forest. The views of the glacier and surrounding mountains are simply magnificent.

Roger's Choice: Refreshing Breaks​
Cool mountain lakes are perhaps the most refreshing thing Switzerland has to offer. Even the country’s larger rivers and lakes are suitable for bathing, however, and the Swiss can’t get enough of them. Swimming in the Rhine is a living tradition in Roger Federer’s hometown of Basel. As well as people taking a spontaneous dip, every year there is an organised event that sees up to 5,000 participants float gently down the Rhine.