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Yaroslavl is the capital of the Golden Ring of Russia. Here, in Yaroslavl, tourists start their journey through the ancient Russian cities. This cozy small town on the Volga River has preserved the architecture of the 12th-19th centuries, so the Old City has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Come here to listen to the bells of ancient churches, watch performances on the stage of the first theatre of Russia and try traditional Russian cuisine.

According to the plan of Catherine II, the historic center of Yaroslavl was fan-shaped, with Sovetskaya Square in the middle and other streets fanning out. The Church of Elijah in the center of the square has survived the revolutions and kept its original form. Go inside to see the carved iconostasis and amazing frescoes of the 17th century – the colors are still bright, although they are more than three centuries old.

You can find a bronze map showing the main streets with its sights in the park near the church. If you need a more detailed plan, just turn into Sovetsky Lane. This is where Golden Ring Show Layout Museum is located. For about two years, artists, sound and 3D engineers have been creating miniatures of Yaroslavl and thirteen other cities of The Golden Ring of Russia – layouts with houses, cars and residents.

Go down the alley to get to the Volga Embankment. A wide linden alley with romantic pergolas, downhills, stairs, and an old wrought iron fence is one of the most picturesque sights in Yaroslavl. Street musicians often perform here, local souvenir shops offer painted gingerbread, whistles, enamel ornaments and embroidered light felt boots made by a local felting factory. There are many museums on the embankment – the Metropolitan’s Chambers, the Museum of the Yaroslavl City History, Music and Time, the Art Museum in the Governor's house.

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