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Polokwane is the capital city of Limpopo, and has a vibrant mix of people and culture. Polokwane has great restaurants, art galleries,museums, jazz clubs and shopping centres. It's also called the gateway city because it's a stepping stone to a diversity of natural attractions from mountains to wilderness areas.

The Bakone Malapa Northern Sotho Open-Air Museum

Just outside Polokwane (formerly called Pietersburg), the capital of Limpopo province, is a showcase of the culture of a sub-group of the Northern Sotho people that revels in a mouthful of a name, the Bakone Malapa Northern Sotho Open-Air Museum, more often simply called ‘the Bakone Malapa Museum

Wildlife safari Giant elephants and baobabs – The Valley of the Olifants route

The Valley of the Olifants' totem tree, the baobab, is the world’s largest succulent. But that’s not all you'll see on this route. It's a place of giants, and elephants are also plentiful in this area. Meet a tree, ride an elephant and learn about the rain queen.

The culture of Basotho

The Basotho associate and identify themselves through the use of their clan names, which specify their ancestral origins; namely the Bataung, Basia, Bafokeng, Makgolokoe and Bakuena et al. The royal family of Lesotho is largely made up of Bakuena.

The Ndebele of South Africa

Beadwork, wall paintings, architecture and distinctive ways of dressing are more tangible ways of Ndebele identity and culture through which they have maintained a consciousness of belonging in the midst of precarious existence that confronted them since the late 19th century.

Xhosa cuisine: the dishes and traditions

Sheep heads and trotters, and chicken feet and heads are eaten as snacks, accompanied by samp or mieliepap. A cow head can feed a family and is not as expensive as regular meat such as steak and brisket, which is why it’s so popular. A cow head is usually given to men when they attend a ritual, while the women are given tripe.

There are 4 ways to get from Johannesburg to Polokwane by train, plane, bus, or car. The journey time between Johannesburg and Polokwane is around 3h 50m by car or car train, and 4h 25m by bus.