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Travelling by Swiss public transport is comfortable and convenient. It may seem complicated at first sight: buying tickets, changing transportation, finding connections, not forgetting the luggage or missing the right stop. Sounds like a challenge. Fortunately, all of this is wonderfully easy in Switzerland. Here are 5 reasons why Switzerland is best explored by train, bus and boat.

Travelling can be so beautiful.

Switzerland’s numerous panoramic trains delight their guests with captivating scenery slowly passing by. From canyons with wildly plunging glacier water to high Alpine peaks with eternal snow, from pristine mountain valleys to Mediterranean lakes with palmlined shores: Travellers enjoy the views through high panoramic windows reaching far up to the ceiling. Passengers probably wouldn’t be tempted to step off the train at all – if it weren’t for those mountain railways at almost every station, luring them to Alpine and pre-Alpine summits to savour spectacular vistas.

Travelling can be so comfortable.

It’s almost like a home from home! That’s how welcome and comfortable guests feel on Swiss trains. Generous compartments with comfortable seats in high-quality material offer ample space to stretch one’s legs. There’s enough room for large pieces of luggage. However, travellers don’t have to worry about that. On request, their luggage is transported from hotel to hotel. That leaves even more leisure for enjoying the delicious cuisine in the onboard restaurants offering specialities from all Swiss regions. And that’s not only true on the train: The vessels on Swiss lakes provide the same all-around carefree service for a comfortable journey.

Travelling can be so simple.

Out of the bus and onto the boat; from the train straight to the airplane: Changing transportation is wonderfully easy in Switzerland – wherever the journey may go. With 25,836 stops, the densest public transport network reaches practically any travel destination. Regular interval timetables guarantee synchronised connections, even at 3,000 meters above sea level, as well as with neighbouring countries Italy, Germany, Austria and France. No wonder that the Swiss are unrivalled when it comes to using public transport.


Travelling can be so authentic.

Switzerland stands for reliability, quality and safety. Of course, this also holds true for public transport. No doubt that’s why in each and every public means of transportation locals are met with: from the genuine “Alpöhi” – a quirky, original mountain dweller – to the family on its way to a vacation and the cheerful hiking group. Whoever wants to experience Switzerland at its most authentic should to as the locals to – and travel like the Swiss: by train, bus and boat.


Travelling can be so diverse.

The nostalgic funicular leisurely drives past peacefully grazing cows. Little later, the state-of-the-art CabriO cableway floats towards an almost 2,000 metres high summit. In Switzerland, one does not have to choose one or the other. Here, historic and modern means of transportation go hand in hand. Also, public transport is not just about taking passengers from A to B. It also offers numerous adventure lines that turn the journey into its own reward. A ride on the Chocolate train, a dinner in the panoramic cabin of a cableway called the “restaurant in the sky”, or a family outing on the children’s train “Globi Express” create unforgettable memories for young and old. The rich variety of public transport in Switzerland demonstrates what the locals have long known it actually is: innovative, traditional, eventful.