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Exploring France by train is easy and affordable. France launched its first high-speed rail route in 1981 and there are now fast TGV (Trains à Grande Vitesse) services connecting most major cities across the country, and the network is ever expanding.

Take a train from Paris Montparnasse to Bordeaux train travel time is normally about 2 hours and 5 minutes, whatever time you make the journey

Visit La Cite Du Vin - Embark on a journey to explore wine cultures of the world. In here you can explore and experience a unique Permanent Tour which they offer to a visitor to have a great freedom where they can wander according to the particular interests and time that they have and for Travel Companion visitors are led on this odyssey by their personal digital guide. Together with innovative headphones offering ‘open’ ergonomics, the hand held travel companion triggers various multimedia animations throughout the tour, plays all dialogue synchronised in real time in one of the 8 languages available (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese), promotes accessibility of information for people with disabilities and offers a route tailored to young audiences.

Visit Wine Yard - Château Fourcas Hosten
At Château Fourcas Hosten, where you were given a simple brief about the wine and how they keep it after the process has been done.They are committed to an environmentally responsible approach that focuses on protecting our human and natural surroundings as a central objective in our everyday activity. We aim to reveal the qualities of our terroir in our wines, thereby underlining how essential itis to preserve it. Come and witness their practices and take part in the experience of tasting wines.