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We talk imagination and illustration with the man behind the unique handcrafted illustrations of our Christmas campaign.

Words by The Insider


We’re delighted to have teamed up with award-winning artist, Clym Evernden in a special series of hand-drawn illustrations that celebrate the spirit of our outlets with his signature ink-based style.

For Christmas, Clym puts his own unique creative spin on the traditions of the season, bringing our logo to life with a bold bow and illustrative text that harnesses the magic of the season. The Insider team met with Clym to find out more on his inspiration, his artistic process and his signature Instagram folded stories.


Meet Clym Evernden

Clym’s signature ink-based style has earned him an array of accolades and collaborations with some of the world’s most famous brands. See it all on his Instagram @clymdraws. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Clym studied BA Fashion Design Womenswear prior to working solely as an artist. Clym’s work instantly presents a narrative to the viewer, whether it be a specific style, atmosphere, or wit, with effortless clarity - making him an in demand and indispensable collaborator. This year Clym redesigned the bottle and box of the inaugural Colonia by Acqua di Parma, marking the company’s first ever ‘Artist Edition’ fragrance.


It all begins with imagination…

"For me the artistic process has to happen in a natural way. Depending on the project, I generally use part active research, and part imagination. I like to sketch during the journey of creating ideas, often these early spontaneous and imaginative drawings are reproduced in the final work as they retain the initial spark and soul of the project. If I’m working on an animation or folded story, mapping out each scene as a storyboard is an essential part of the process to help visualise the work, both for me and the client." Discover how Clym brings each unique illustration to life, from initial sketch to final masterpiece in our video.


Stories that unfold before your eyes

Using Instagram as his platform, Clym shares hand drawn illustrations that ‘move’ on a single piece of paper as it unfolds, creating an animated story with an element of magic. "I started creating ‘Folded Story’s’ as an experiment on Instagram. I had been making a lot of hand drawn animations and gifs, and I remember wanting to find a way of making a drawing ‘move’ on a single piece of paper without CGI. My first ever Folded Story was an adaptation of the story ’The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe’. This worked well because the first scene of the two sides of the folded paper opening leant themselves perfectly to a wardrobe opening, and revealing a hidden world. I always try and introduce this spirit of a surprise reveal and magic in my Folded Story's."

Source : McArthurGlen Corporate Insider