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There are four Hawaiian Islands and each one has its own distinct personality and charm. Some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of Oahu, which offers just about every activity under the sun. Others prefer the quiet solitude and raw beauty of Kauai. For a true Hawaiian experience, you really ought to visit more than one island to get a sense of Hawaii's unique variety.

Oahu Brings the Best of City Life and Country Living
Oahu’s bustling hub with parks, museums, theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, cultural events and indoor and outdoor concerts. Waikiki is a small city in itself; most of the island’s hotels are there, along with bars, boutiques, shows and eateries that’ll satisfy whatever cravings you might have. Ocean activities abound on Waikiki Beach, from canoe paddling with beachboys to sailing on catamarans at sunset.

Maui is Considered Heaven on Earth
Those who want a more laid-back vacation but still want to kick-start their day with a latte should consider Maui. The major resort areas of Wailea, Kapalua and Kaanapali provide all the pleasures discriminating travelers demand such as championship golf, fine dining, great shopping, trendy spas and first-class accommodations. From there, you can venture out for strolls through the former whaling port of Lahaina, glorious sunrises or sunsets at the summit of 10,000-foot Haleakala Volcano

Kauai is Nature at Its Finest
Kauai is known as the “Garden Island,” and rightly so. Green is everywhere—framing rivers and waterfalls; casting broad strokes across valleys, cliffs, mountains, meadows, farmland and taro patches; and coloring its many gardens, Na Aina Kai, Smith’s Tropical Paradise, Princeville Botanical Gardens and the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Allerton, McBryde and Limahuli being the most notable.

Molokai and Lanai Offer a Laidback Getaway
Great outdoor adventures beckon. Among Molokai’s highlights are Halawa Valley, Kamakou Preserve, Moomomi Preserve, Molokai Forest Reserve and Kalaupapa (now a National Historical Park), where people stricken with Hansen’s disease (leprosy) were once banished beginning in 1866. The only hotel on the island is modest Hotel Molokai.

HA flight schedule from Kuala Lumpur to Honolulu via Japan (NRT) and Korea (ICN)

Sector Flight No Departure Arrival Frequency
KUL-NRT HA 5375 22:50 07:05+1 2, 4, 6
NH 816 0710 1525 1, 3, 6
MH 70 0950 1805 4, 6, 7
NRT-HNL HA 822 19:55 08:40 2, 4, 6
HNL-NRT HA 821 12:40 16:00+1 2, 4, 7
NRT-KUL HA 5374 11:20 17:45 2, 4, 6
NH 815 17:30 23:55 2, 5, 7
MH71 10:55 17:20 1, 5, 7
Sector Flight No Departure Arrival Frequency
KUL-ICN KE672 21:35 05:20+1 3
ICN-HNL HA460 21:25 11:45 3, 5, 7
HNL-ICN HA459 14:05 19:00+1 1, 3, 5
ICN-KUL KE671 14:35 20:05 3