Expansion construction of Macao Grand Prix Museum reaches completion Museum partially comes into trial operation in March

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Macao, 12 March 2021 – Upon completion of expansion construction, the Macao Grand Prix Museum, under the management of Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), will partially come into trial operation starting in March 2021. At the beginning stage, individuals
and organizations from different sectors will be successively invited to pay inspection visits to the Museum and proffer feedback that may facilitate refinement of the Museum’s environment and service quality. Time slots will be opened in April for the public to make visit appointments, with the hope to solicit wider feedback from local and travelling visitors in preparation for the Museum’s upcoming official launch. Further details about arrangements for the public to book museum visits will be announced in due course. The public can stay tuned for MGTO’s latest information release.

Museum zoning by floor enhances visitors’ experience

After remodeling, the Museum now consists of four floors amounting to a total floor area of approximately 16,000 square meters, sixfold than before. The Museum is designed for visitors to learn more deeply about the Macau Grand Prix (MGP) while enjoying the informative
entertainment and leisure experience. The ground floor features a themed zone in memory of the winner in the first edition of MGP, besides a Guia Circuit model coupled with 3D projection mapping, visitor registration counter and so forth. On the first floor, formula race cars from the early editions of MGP and other Formula 3 exhibits are the focus. The second-floor zone spotlights Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix, with deconstructed motorcycle display and virtual reality motorcycle racing, among other highlights. The basement zone sheds limelight on
Macau GT Cup and Guia Race. At present, some racing simulators and wax figures of racers are awaiting installation and follow-up by technicians from other cities, who can come to Macao only after travel restrictions are lifted. Other than that, most of the museum facilities
are basically completed.

Internationally-accredited remodeling project

The remodeling construction project of the Macao Grand Prix Museum is accredited with the gold standard of the green building certification Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Since the early stage of preparation for museum remodeling, MGTO has mapped out sustainable development standards guiding proper management of the project undertaker on construction waste and air quality at the construction site. After expansion, the museum infrastructure now incorporates a solar energy system comprising 446 solar panels which capture and transform solar energy from above the rooftop into electricity for running partially the air-conditioning and water-heating systems, to support the use of renewable energy.

Boost of “tourism + sports” effects

The Museum is remodeled with an emphasis on wider accessibility to include disabled visitors within the offer of experience for all. The new pertinent facilities range from barrier-free elevators and platform lifts, accessible washrooms, tactile warning strips and tactile layout
maps per floor, tabletop induction loop systems as hearing aids at ticketing and information counters, to induction loop systems for the multifunction hall and other devices. In addition, the Museum collaborates with a local academic institute to create a tactile barrier-free exhibit zone about formula racing cars to enhance the engagement of visitors with special needs.

The Museum is newly equipped with multimedia interactive facilities and racing scenario display to take visitors’ experience to a new level of educational fun. Furthermore, MGTO plans to enrich the Museum’s activity calendar with regular public guided tours, special
exhibitions, workshops, exhibit collection and more to promote the Museum’s interaction with schools and community organizations, elevate the "tourism + sports" synergy in destination branding, as well as enhance communication and preservation of the Macau Grand Prix’s
motorsport culture.

The entire construction cost of the Macao Grand Prix Museum amounted to approximately 479 million patacas. The cost mainly covers the expansion construction and various museum facilities ranging from barrier-free facilities, interactive games, audio and video equipment,
information technology systems, motorsport and relevant exhibits, wax figures of racers as well as other involved supporting services such as construction consultation and management fees, etc.

During the trial operation of the Macao Grand Prix Museum, MGTO will earnestly consider feedback from different sectors to optimize museum management and visitors’ experience
continuously. For the latest information about the operation of the Macao Grand Prix Museum, please stay tuned to the Macao Tourism Industry Net (https://industry.macaotourism.gov.mo/en/index.php).