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5 Amazing Cultural Tourism in St. Petersburg

Cultural tourism in Saint Petersburg

Today cultural tourism is one of the major types of tourism, combining guided tours with visiting historical, architectural, nature and cultural sights.Depending on the tourists’ priorities and travel goals, there are some main subcategories of culture tourism to be distinguished.

Excursion tourism

Diverse and entertaining guided tours around Russia’s Northern Capital and its marvelous suburbs are a great way to get acquainted with a destination.

Opera Tourism

Tourists from all parts of Russia and from all over the world are happy to visit Saint Petersburg not only to enjoy beautiful walks around the city and see the popular sights and museums, but also to attend unique opera shows, often starring world’s most famous artists.

Ballet Tourism

Impeccable adherence to the canons, strict observance of the principles of movement, expressiveness and spirituality, creating a unique charm of the dance – these are qualities Saint Petersburg ballet can be recognized.

Dramatic Theatre Tourism

Theatre traditions and theatre culture are an integral part of Saint Petersburg. The "Theater Quarter" route will tell all the guests and residents of the Northern Capital about how the world-famous theater traditions of Russia have been created and preserved.

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