Aeroflot – Do you know that Yakutsk is the world’s coldest city?

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Why do tourists come to visit the capital of the Sakha Republic? To find themselves in the land of permafrost and admire the aurora borealis on the bank of the wide Lena River! To taste the fresh-frozen fish, feel the sting of frost biting the cheeks, get acquainted with way of Yakut life, and be astounded with the purity of diamonds. Whatever your reason is for coming to Yakutsk, you will always keep the warmest memories about this northern point of Russia. Unforgettable nature and many places  yet to be explored  await you.

The difference between summer and winter temperatures in Yakutsk reaches 70 degrees. A winter with 35°C below zero is a common occurrence. On the bright side, December evenings are great for observing the polar lights. This dazzling natural phenomenon, whereby the sky glows purple and green, is seen here more often than in other regions.

The best description of the Yakutsk weather is given by the local fishermen: fish freshly caught in the Lena River completely freeze within 1-2 minutes! The stroganina is almost ready, just needs to be sliced. The city restaurants offer authentic Yakut cuisine. It features stroganina made not only out of chir and nelma (white fish), but also out of meat. The local delicacies include haan (blood beef or horse sausage), salamat (heavy cream with meat) and kerchekh (whipped cream with fen berry and other northern berries).