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Come fly with me for the day
Lauren Fisk  

The wake up call…

As you can imagine for a flight attendant there is no such a thing as a routine. Some times you’re reporting before sunrise and other days not until everyone else is coming home from work. This morning my alarm makes it's familiar alerting sound in my ear at 4am. Today is an up before the sun day. After a shower and a strong coffee I get ready, applying make up, put on my uniform and do my hair up to achieve the ‘air hostess’ look. One of my favourite things about being crew is being part of a brand and representing it with the uniform and appearance. Even though flying is now a normal means of transport there will always be that element of glamour in the air hostess look and that’s what I love. Pass me the lipstick…


05.25 I report at the office and meet my fellow crew for the day ahead. We do our daily briefing; discussing passenger loads, flights times and reviewing some safety and first aid procedures. This gets you ready, as it sets the tone for the day. I am new to Dublin base having previously been based in London, so I am still meeting new crew and flying with new faces. Today we will be flying to my previous base, London City Airport. I love flying into this airport as the views of the city as you come into land are incredible. You literally fly right over the top of some of London’s most famous landmarks. You can even wave hello to the Shard as you pass by the top floor of this iconic building

Welcome on board

Once all checks have been passed on to the flight deck we are ready to board. As passengers board the plane, I welcome them, help with the baggage and show them to their seats. After closing the doors, completing the mandatory safety demo we secure the cabin for take off. Before we know it we our taxiing on the run way…

Take off

It may sound silly as I must have taken off over a thousand times but there is always something amazing about being in flight. I know the science behind flying but it still feels magical that we are essentially a man made flying bird in the sky.

Once we've been released from our seats by the flight deck the inflight service is ready to begin. Today is a short flight of just over an hour and as it’s still early we will be offering a complimentary breakfast service. I enjoy the service as you have the time to interact with passengers. Everyone is more relaxed now we are under way as all they need to do is sit back and enjoy the short flight. One unique aspect of my job is the interaction with passengers. Flying is not like other modes of transport where everyone is buried in their mobile phones. Passengers chat with you, there is eye contact and it is very sociable.

This interaction also applies to the rest of the crew. You sometimes spend more time in the sky with these people than you spend with your own family and friends. That’s why they
become almost your ‘sky family’! Some of my closest friends have been made through flying. The galley is a small, confined space, but sometimes while 20,000 ft above land it is the best place to get to know somebody.


"Cabin crew, prepare the cabin for landing."
Before you know it it’s time for landing. The days fly by, excuse the pun, as we’re always on the go. Once the aircraft has come to a stop and the seatbelt signs are off normal is resumed for the passengers. The phones are back on and they are already moving on to the next stage of their journeys. Once the passengers disembark we ready the plane for our return flight to Dublin. In a typical day we could meet hundreds of people whether crew, airport, security staff or passengers. As crew you can appreciate how all these separate groups come together to make a successful flight. It is as if we are all cogs connected in a giant global machine transporting passengers from A to B.

Source: CityJet News Stream