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Now enjoy over 330+ hours of in-flight entertainment, directly on your device, with JetScreen, our in-flight streaming service, on your Jet Airways flight from Bengaluru - Kolkata.

Let your entertainment take off with you. With our complimentary service, enjoy seamless access to the latest in entertainment, movies, TV shorts, games and music from across the globe.

Don’t forget to carry your earphones & keep your power bank handy to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment throughout your flight.

How does JetScreen work?

It’s as easy as Download. Connect. Play.

Before you board the aircraft, make sure you download the free “Airtime Player” app from the App Store or Play Store.

Follow these simple steps to get going:

If you are not automatically redirected to the JetScreen home page, you can visit on your web browser to access the in-flight entertainment service.

As a courtesy to the guest seated beside you, kindly use your personal headphone to enjoy the content.

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