Holland American Line: Virtual Voyage Log: Seven-Day ‘Inside Passage’ Alaska Cruise

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Thank you to all of our cruisers and Mariners who joined us for our Virtual Voyage to Alaska from June 22 – 28 on social media! The seven-day “Inside Passage” cruise aboard Koningsdam was a blast, and we hope everyone had a great time. At the end of each cruise on board, we like to give our guests a Voyage Log showing how far we cruised and some fun culinary facts. Here’s the Virtual Voyage Log for this cruise, and some bonus fun from the week!


1. Vancouver, B.C.
2. Inside Passage
3. Juneau, Alaska: 790 miles / 17.4 knots
4. Skagway, Alaska: 100 miles / 13.3 knots
5. Glacier Bay: 116 miles / 12.2 knots
6. Inside Passage
7. Vancouver, B.C.: 571 miles / 16.6 knots

TOTAL: 1,906 miles
AVERAGE SPEED: 16.8 knots

Officers & Crew: 1,036
Nationalities: 45

On every cruise, it’s interesting to see how much food is consumed. From eggs to potatoes to seafood, here’s a glimpse into what was consumed on our Virtual Voyage!

Eggs: 25,010
Meat: 5,300 pounds
Poultry: 5.200 pounds
Fish: 1,875 pounds
Seafood: 2,575 pounds
Rice for crew: 3,500 pounds
Potatoes: 5,100 pounds
Fresh Vegetables: 5,100 pounds
Melon: 9,300 pounds
Dairy: 5,500 pounds
Butter/Margarine: 1,675 pounds
Flour: 3,150 pounds
Sugar: 950 pounds
Ice Cream: 300 gallons

One of the most popular activities during the week was a grilled cheese cooking demonstration with Beecher’s Cheese. Holland America Line ships carry this delicious cheese from Seattle and guests can find it on board in our on-deck sailaway appetizers. Now you can make your own amazing grilled cheese at home. Tip from Beecher’s: Do NOT use butter!

Another popular activity was Alaska BINGO! Check off your squares and let us know how you did! Four corners, straight line or maybe a coverall!

We hope everyone had a fantastic cruise, and we look forward to setting sail on our next Virtual Voyage. 

Source: www.hollandamerica.com