Bologna: A Gastronome’s Paradise

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Bologna has earned its global reputation as a gastronome’s paradise. A number of culinary staples were born in this vibrant Italian town, from which a bouquet of succulent flavors have evolved over the years. Get in the right frame of mind during your flight to Bologna with Alitalia’s gourmet meals, voted “Best Airline Cuisine” for the fifth consecutive year.

Hungry visitors travel to Bologna from far and wide each year to sample the rich tapestry of flavors on offer. Sample the local specialties – tortellini, mortadella, locally cultivated Pignoletto wine and not to forget the globally known spaghetti Bolognese.

Book your tickets to Bologna for a summer visit and enjoy the spectacular number of dance, music, and drama street performances that erupt throughout the city’s piazzas. A trek through the world’s longest portico (nearly four kilometers) to the top of San Luca can be the perfect outing to help offset the extravagant meals of the previous day.

Fly to Bologna from Kuala Lumpur

From To Flight* ETD ETA Frequency
KUL AUH AZ5721 1920 2305 Daily
AUH FCO AZ853 0225 0620 Daily
FCO BLQ AZ1311 0940 1040 Mon, Wed, Fri
From To Flight* ETD ETA Frequency
BLQ FCO AZ1312 0720 0820 Mon, Wed, Fri
FCO AUH AZ852 1040 1930 Daily
AUH KUL AZ5766 1015 2145 Daily