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History, art, incredible landscapes, and delicious food make Italy one of the most loved destinations for tourists. Italy, offers visitors countless things to do and see.

3 Best Cities to Visit in Italy

A city known for its romantic views, it’s not difficult to see why Verona was the ideal setting for Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. Verona is an epicenter for culture and history, with charming medieval streets, ancient Roman sites, exquisite dining, and tantalizing opera houses. Fly to Verona with Alitalia for your next romantic getaway and discover the allure of this city for yourself.

A city with a history of multiple colonizations and revivals, Palermo is a pulsating melting pot of culture and history that make up the soul of the Sicilian capital. Renaissance palaces stand next to modest hovels, and ornate churches mingle with domed roofs of once-upon-a-time mosques that display the influences of Palermo’s dynamic past. Fly to Palermo with Alitalia and reach your destination relaxed and ready to get the most out of your visit.

Azure waters, white rocks, lagoons, parks and beaches. Cagliari will enchant you with the beauty of its landscapes and picturesque views, not to mention the local craft shops and markets. With a flight to Cagliari you will discover a city rich in history and tradition. Look down on the Mediterranean from the heights of the city's castle, while below you can see a maze of winding narrow streets, dotted with colorful houses. Founded by the Phoenicians, Cagliari was occupied by the Carthaginians and the Romans and fought over by the Pisans and Spanish.

So what are you waiting for? Pick out the city you want to visit and book an Alitalia flight to Italy!