Aeroflot wins two categories at the GlobalCIO IT Project of the Year awards

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Aeroflot has won two categories at the IT Project of the Year awards organized by GlobalCIO, a professional community of digital transformation leaders.

Aeroflot's project "Optimising the system for creating, conducting and analysing marketing campaigns" was awarded the prize for Best Industry Solution in the transport category. Aeroflot has implemented a system allowing users to optimise automated targeting of marketing campaigns to customers based on a variety of communications, offers or communication channels. The system generates and verifies business hypotheses without involving IT specialists, and then launches campaigns based on available information and machine learning, generating detailed reports with KPI analysis for each campaign.  

In the Analytical Solutions and Big Data – Best Project in Cargo Logistics category, Aeroflot received the award for Cargo Air, and automated system for predicting cargo capacities that predicts available freight quota capacity aboard Aeroflot's passenger flights, over both the long and short terms, as well as increases aircraft load volumes.

The projects were evaluated by IT directors and IT service managers over a two-month period, using a custom-built voting system.

Kirill Bogdanov, Aeroflot's Deputy CEO for IT, said:

"Both projects are run using big data tools and machine learning models. Aeroflot is a global leader in the digitalization of the aviation industry, and developing such technologies is a priority for us. By introducing a marketing communications management system (for both existing and potential customers and across all channels) Aeroflot will be able to significantly optimise its marketing campaign launch process. We expect to see a 25% rise in the response rate to communications, as well as a 15% reduction in people unsubscribing from our marketing campaigns. Thanks to Cargo Air, the operational efficiency of Aeroflot's cargo business has increased – we are able to predict an aircraft's available cargo quota capacity with 90% accuracy, which has led to a genuine optimisation of the commercial load factor of our flights."   

The independent Project of the Year competition has been run by the Global CIO community of IT directors for eight years.

It is the first competition within the Russian IT industry to have IT directors themselves evaluate the efficacy of each company's project.

Winners are those who are found to have contributed most successfully to the support and development of information technologies within Russia. More than 220 projects were submitted for consideration in 2019. Of these, 193 were verified and entered into the competition.