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Men Would Love To Share The Driving Seat With Their Partners

Men Would Love To Share The Driving Seat With Their Partners


Europcar survey reveals that 72% of men monopolise the driving on long distance trips in the UK

With the Bank Holiday get-away just around the corner, the latest research from Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe, has revealed that despite secretly wishing to share the burden, men find it hard to relinquish the driving seat on long car trips in the UK. Despite 20% of men thinking that their next journey would be improved if they shared the wheel, just 6% allow their partners to drive.

In fact, almost a quarter (22%) of motorists of either gender believe that sharing the driving would improve their next long-distance driving experience. However, it seems that men prefer to suffer in silence when it actually comes to making the trip, with almost three-quarters (72%) doing the driving on long journeys.

“It’s a bit of a cliché to suggest that men don’t enjoy being passengers whilst their partner does the driving, but our study shows that there seems to be an element of truth behind it,” explained Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group. “Driving long distances by yourself can be a tiring experience, but our research suggests that some men would rather do that than have their partner chauffeur them, even if it’s just to enjoy a short break.”

With the summer holidays now in full-swing, Europcar is revealing the driving habits of Brits as they make their way across the country to soak up the remainder of the sunshine. Hiring a car for holidays offers travellers the freedom they need to explore, and the convenience of a well-maintained vehicle to suit every driver. And Europcar offers the option to add an additional driver to spread the driving load.

“Whether you’re male or female, young or old, we’ve got just the vehicle to suit your needs, whatever your destination”, added Ken McCall.  “Being comfortable and content on your summer holiday is the most important thing, and that extends to the vehicle you choose to get you there. Whoever does the driving, ensure you’ve got a set of wheels everyone can agree on.”

Source: Europcar News

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Air Seychelles and Air Madagascar boost partnership through expanded codeshare agreement

Air Seychelles and Air Madagascar boost partnership through expanded codeshare agreement

Air Seychelles and Air Madagascar have strengthened their codeshare cooperation with the aim of bringing more travellers to both Seychelles and Madagascar, while increasing travel choice in the Indian Ocean.

As part of the deal, Air Madagascar will expand its current codeshare agreement with Air Seychelles by placing its "MD" flight code on four weekly Air Seychelles flights between the Malagasy capital of Antananarivo and Seychelles, as well as on four weekly Air Seychelles’ services between Seychelles and Abu Dhabi operated on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays.

The expanded agreement will increase guests’ travel choice with convenient one-stop connections between the Great Red Island – as Madagascar is known after its distinctly coloured soil – and Abu Dhabi via Seychelles. Abu Dhabi is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the Middle East and provides tourists with attractions varying from the exciting Formula 1, spacious shopping malls to cultural sites such as the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Furthermore, this expansion will boost the flow of trade and tourism between Madagascar and Seychelles and beyond.

Roy Kinnear, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles, said: "Deepening our relationship with Air Madagascar will enable us to better promote tourism in the Indian Ocean utilizing our four-weekly Air Seychelles Antananarivo services.

"As a leading airline in the Indian Ocean and a member of the Vanilla Alliance, we are committed to improving air connectivity in the region to ensure visitors can easily fly to our beautiful islands, and this includes enhancing access to our friendly neighbour Madagascar."

Gilles Filiatreault, Chief Executive Officer of Air Madagascar, said: "As the national airline of Madagascar, one of our main goals is to connect more people to our beautiful home and drive more growth in the tourism industry.

"Our enhanced codeshare partnership with Air Seychelles fits naturally into our strategy of opening up our island and enabling more travellers to explore Madagascar, whose attractions such as ring-tailed lemurs and majestic baobab trees are known all over the world.

“By entering into this expanded agreement, we also offer great chances to local travellers as well as tremendous opportunities to business men, allowing them to discover the Seychelles and Abu Dhabi, to appreciate new horizons for tourism benefits and explore new fields for business interests.

"We will continue to work closely with Air Seychelles to grow our network reach and provide holidaymakers with more choice and flexibility when planning travel to Madagascar."

The new codeshare flights will be on sale and for travel from September and can be booked through the Air Madagascar and Air Seychelles websites, sales offices and contact centres, as well as travel agents.

Source: Air Seychelles

Brand New B737-800 M.Vrubel Joins Aeroflot Fleet

12 August 2016, Moscow. — Aeroflot has taken delivery of a new B737-800 aircraft made by Boeing. The plane is named in honour of Mikhail Vrubel, an outstanding Russian painter. Aeroflot’s Boeing 737-800 has two-class composition with 20 seats in business class and 138 seats in economy class. The Business class salon is equipped with monitors for viewing media content. All Boeing B737-800 aircraft are delivered to Aeroflot directly from the manufacturer. Boeing 737 is one of the world’s most popular single-aisle jet airliners providing high level of comfort on medium-haul routes.

Source: Aeroflot News

London to Paris on Eurostar: Exploring Top Things to See & Do

London to Paris on Eurostar: Exploring Top Things to See & Do

Eurostar train in St. Pancras International Station ready to travel from London to Paris

Experiencing High-Speed Train Travel from London to Paris

London and Paris are two of the most sought after destinations in Europe. Aside from being cultural icons, they are also jam-packed with fun things to see and do!

Now more than ever it’s a breeze to travel from London to Paris. By taking Eurostar you can arrive in Paris from London in just 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Wake up in London and enjoy a lovely English breakfast, then hop on Eurostar to spend the day in Paris, seeing all you want to. At the end of the day, be whisked back to London where you can wind down in a nice English pub! Of course, you have the freedom to do the opposite route also – Eurostar travels just as fast going from Paris to London, or spend more than a day, go for a night or two.

Things to See & Do in London and Paris

Here’s a great list of must-see & do activities when you travel from London to Paris:

10. Buckingham Palace – Try your skill at making one of those stuffy looking guards smile! Buckingham Palace is a must-see on any trip to London. How many opportunities do you get in life to visit a Royal residence? Oh, and if you succeed in getting one of the guards to smile in a photo, we’d love to see it!

9. Trocadero – See just how “in shape” you are as you make you way up to Trocadero. In 1937, the old Palais du Trocadero was demolished and then replaced with the Palais de Chaillot, found at the top of the hill. Once you reach the wide esplanade, you will have the most amazing view of the infamous Eiffel Tower. This vantage point is one of the best ways to get you in a photo with the Eiffel Tower without cutting off heads or part of the tower. You can get nearly the entire tower and you (or your travel partners)!

8. Strolling the Thames – A great way to take in more of London’s culture and atmosphere is to take a relaxing stroll down the Thames River. Have your camera ready as you will pass some truly picture perfect sites. Stop and have a bite to eat along the way, maybe even take a few moments to feed the birds (actually, if you’re wanting to feed the birds, you should go sit on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, just like the Bird Woman did in Mary Poppins!).

7. Paris Dinner Cruise – The Seine is just as great a river to stroll down as the Thames, or why not treat yourself to a wonderfully romantic dinner cruise along the Seine River. Watch notable attractions pass by as you and your special someone float on your own piece of paradise. Along with breathtaking scenery, you’ll enjoy a terrific meal presented with a fine assortment of wine and cheese. Live music fills the vessel and you can share a special moment on the dance floor. The evening ends at the base of the Eiffel Tower…it doesn’t get more romantic then that!

6. Tower of London – Take a step back in time with a visit to the Tower of London. Our advice would be to join one of the Yeoman Warders tours (commonly referred to as Beefeaters). The Yeoman will keep you entertained with tales of imprisonment, execution, torture and more. You will not only be entertained but you will learn a tremendous amount of history about the tower and British empire. Other noteworthy things at the Tower of London are of course the Crown Jewels – including some of the world’s most famous diamonds, and the Ravens. According to legend, if the six ravens leave the Tower, the Kingdom and Tower will fall. To date, all six are there and accounted for!

5. Paris Museum Hopping – Spend a day museum hopping! Take some time wandering down the long halls of the Louvre, embracing the magnificent work that fills the museum. Make a point of viewing the Mona Lisa and playfully debate the mood of the subject as well as who is being portrayed in the painting. Is it the artist’s lover? Self-portrait? You be the judge! Other notable museums you can see with the Paris Museum Pass are: Musée d’Orsay , Musée National du Château de Versailles, Musée National Picasso, Pompidou Center and so many more!

4. Big Ben/Clock Tower – Know what time it is? Time to visit the Clock Tower! This tower has been commonly mislabeled as Big Ben. Big Ben is actually the nickname given to the main bell (largest in the tower) found within the tower (also known as the Great Bell). The Clock Tower is the largest four-faced clock in the world that chimes. Nearby the Tower you will see the Houses of Parliament. This is another great location to snap some pictures for your photo book! If you book the Original London Sightseeing Tour, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament will be seen on the tour.

3. Eiffel Tower – Paris seems to be synonymous with love and the Eiffel Tower always seems to emit that certain romantic feeling! There is no better way to experience Paris then to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower with the one you love. Stare out across the city and embrace the vision before you. Take your partner in your arms and practice the fine art of kissing (which the French have perfected as well as they have wine making!). For those not married or engaged…well, there’s no time like the present to pop the question! If you’ve already crossed that bridge, well, simply enjoy the moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do whatever you need to, to ensure you will never forget the way you feel at that very moment!

2. London Eye – Better than the ferris wheel at your local carnival, the London Eye is a spectacular way to see London! This observation wheel will allow you to see even more of the city of London. Great fun for families, children love the London Eye! Flights (as they’re called) on the London Eye take about 30 minutes. It will be 30 minutes you do not regret during your time in London! A flight on the London Eye is included with the Total London Experience.

1. Travel at the speed of light – Well, pretty close to it anyway! Eurostar whisks travelers between London and Paris in just over 2 hours time. The trip on Eurostar is so much more than just a train ride from one city to the next. To travel on Eurostar is to experience high-speed rail travel at its finest! Picturesque views right outside your window, friendly staff on-board and best of all, you have the chance to meet some great people, those traveling along with you on this state of the art train. It’s always fun to mingle with the locals, you may learn something new, or at least gain some insight on things to see and do that you may not have previously thought of.

You can even toast your journey at Europe’s longest champagne bar, right inside St. Pancras International Station! Book your Eurostar trip today and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

For some travelers, London and Paris are ice-breakers to the rest of Europe, for others, they are favorites. London and Paris are both very active cities offering something for everyone. From parks and museums, to iconic monuments and theater, you will find the right activities to ensure you have a fantastic vacation. And we highly recommend visiting both cities on your trip, especially with them being just two hours apart. Eurostar is an amazing ride through the French and English countrysides and of course, you’ll also be able to say you’ve traveled through the Chunnel!

For a family-fun vacation, consider taking a trip from London to Paris, trust us, you won’t be disappointed! Be sure to share your London and Paris travel stories with us – and any additional items you think should be on a list of must sees!

Source: Rail Europe Blog

How to Spend 48 Hours in Monte Carlo Like the Rich and Famous

How to Spend 48 Hours in Monte Carlo Like the Rich and Famous

The world is divided in two in Monte Carlo: The rich and those who want to feel rich.

Half an hour from Nice and a little over three hours from Milan by car, Monte Carlo makes a good luxury pit-stop to mingle with the stylish crowd of well-heeled Europeans. This small city that occupies 0.234 square miles is easy to explore in a day or two if you want to see a remnant of lingering old glamour and have a glimpse of the life of high society.

Stay in a swanky hotel, lounge at the exclusive beach club by day, dine on the terrace of a finest restaurant in the evening (with a view of the fleet of multi-million dollar yachts docked in the harbor), spend an evening at the legendary Monte Carlo Casino (go see the exuberant Bell Epoque architecture even if you don’t play a single hand of blackjack).

It’s also a charming experience to walk up the winding hills of the old town to tour the Royal Palace, which is also a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

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