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Aeroflot announces the launch of its Winter schedule, which will operate from 27 October 2019 through 29 March 2020.

Increased flight frequencies on a number of existing routes is the highlight of the coming winter timetable compared to summer season.

Aeroflot will considerably expand the number of flights to popular leisure destinations: Dubai (from 21 to 28 flights per week), Bangkok (from 7 to 14 flights per week) and Phuket (from 5 to 15 flights per week). To meet seasonal demand Aeroflot will increase frequency of flights to Miami (from 4 to 5 flights per week), Male (from 5 tо 7 flights per week), Ho Chi Minh City (from 2 to 3 flights per week). Russia’s leading carrier will offer more services on routes from Moscow to Denpasar (from 2 tо 3 flights per week) and Colombo (from 2 tо 5 flights per week) with flights operated jointly with subsidiary Rossiya Airlines.   

Flight frequencies will increase for the following destinations from Moscow to cities in Russia and CIS: Volgograd (from 35 to 42 flights per week), Ekaterinburg (from 63 to 70 flights per week),  Krasnoyarsk (from 21 to 28 flights per week), Mineralnye Vody (from 35 to 42 flights per week), Nizhnevartovsk (from 14 tо 21 flights per week), Orenburg (from 14 tо 28 flights per week), Rostov-on-Don (from 28 to 56 flights per week), Saint-Petersburg (from 140 tо 154 flights per week), Sochi (from 77 tо 84 flights per week), Chelyabinsk (from 35 tо 42 flights per week) and Ufa (from 49 tо 56 flights per week), as well as Minsk (from 35 tо 42 flights per week). Besides, Aeroflot will launch 7 own flights per week on Moscow – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk line in addition to daily services operated by subsidiary Rossiya Airlines.

This winter season Aeroflot will operate flights to 149 destinations in 53 countries. The airline’s route network will span 55 routes across Russia, 17 points in seven CIS countries and 77 international destinations.  

Aeroflot’s expansive route network is supplemented by services offered by its subsidiary airlines.  Rossiya Airlines will operate flights under Aeroflot’s commercial management on 47 routes (42 unique routes): 39 services from Saint-Petersburg and 8 services from Moscow. In Russia’s Far East, Aurora Airlines will offer flights on 16 routes under Aeroflot’s commercial management. Low-cost carrier Pobeda developing a unique route network will fly to 86 destinations (35 unique routes).

In Winter 2019-2020, Aeroflot Group will fly its scheduled flights on 298 routes (242 unique routes) to 56 countries.

Aeroflot Group’s offerings are enhanced by code-sharing agreements with partner airlines. Code-sharing agreements allow Aeroflot to offer travel to an additional 162 non-repetitive destinations and 19 countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ghana, Iceland, Kenya, Laos, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

In total, inclusive of partner airline flights, Aeroflot Group in Winter 2019-2020 will fly 460 routes (404 non-repetitive routes) to 75 countries.

Source: www.aeroflot.ru